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Vibram FiveFingers TREK LS Men's Shoes - Tan / Brown (Whiskey Crazyhorse)
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Wait for five days and get it. I love this color is very beautiful. This Shoes are very quality, very happy to wear it.
koliaberday@gmail.com    2014-09-20
Just wearing it for a few days. The beginning is difficult to wear in. But now, I get used to it!
Jimbob869    2014-09-20
If you re just interested in wearing them for comfort, then go for it. These are the most comfortable shoes I ve ever worn, and I m including slippers. After trying mine on, my mom and sister are also ordering VFFs.
twoznicki@aol.com    2013-08-10
This shoe was just as I expected - fitting for size as the others, and of durable material and contruction as expected of the Vibram brand.
krystynatabaka@aol.com    2013-08-07
The first time I saw Five Finger shoes was on a freind at the lake and I wanted a pair ever since.I recently started running and started doing some research on minimalist footwear, when I came across these bad boys. After finding a local dealer and trying a pair on, I decided to pull the trigger on them and haven t looked back since.
swb@tmisnet.com    2013-08-01
I am using these for warm weather hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing. They are working very well so far. Reasonable protection from sharp things, keep sand and grit out, dry quickly. Almost as good as going barefoot but with armoured skin.
crtabor@yahoo.com    2013-05-16
I love them! I have experienced initial muscle tiredness in my feet and ankles, but that just proves I m using different muscles when I use them. When I m wearing them I want to bounce and run. I d far rather wear them than my running shoes. I even have arches now. I m not yet at the stage where I can do all my running in them, but I want to be. I think I ll be buying a pair vbrim too.
krefman@cybersol.com    2013-04-04
I m one of those sweaty feet folks that love to do yoga but have trouble not sliding all over the place. These solved that problem! I m don t plan to use these for running so can t really say much of anything about that. I tried on two sizes and was hesitant to buy the smaller size but I m glad I did because I think the bigger ones would have stretched out too much.
rnisley@erols.com    2013-03-28
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