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Vibram FiveFingers BORMIO Men's Shoes - Black Crazyhorse
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I am very happy with my Vibram Bormio. Nice shoes, but difficult to put them on.
hicksymf@hotmail.com    2014-09-20
I am an experienced and happy Vibram user. I have 3 pairs and have been wearing them nearly full time for about 3 years.I must say that the material is very warm, very good.
boogers    2014-09-20
Very astonished to find that this bormio in stock.Just received this shoe, very comfortable. But a long time for the free shipping, just waited seven days.
baycare@yahoo.com    2014-09-20
Good quality shoe that is good for any activity. The only downside I have been experiencing is that running on concrete can be somewhat painful on the bottom of your feet depending on how you run. For any softer service this shoe would be perfect.
fishern@cnsvax.albany.edu    2013-11-07
This are my favorite shoes! I had 2other pairs but this are t greatest, confortable, beautiful colors! Excellent purchase.
defelice@lvcm.com    2013-08-09
I love these shoes! It s like going barefoot all the time, without stepping on rocks, or glass, or icky stuff on the ground! I find my posture is better when I m wearing them, and there is enough arch support to keep my feet comfortable all day.
deeringave@emailtampa.com    2013-07-04
These shoes are great. Just like the others said it takes away knee/shin pain.
tausk@euronet.nl    2013-06-23
I purchased these shoes after reading several articles about them helping with Planters Fasciitis. I went to the Podiatrist several times and found no cure. The five finger shoes did not cure it but after wearing them for a while my feet felt stronger. I am not the type of person to dismiss medical advice but against my Podiatrist advice I bought them. The first couple of days my feet hurt but now the feel great. I would recommend them to everyone. I wear them all the time.
maligh@aol.com    2013-05-18
Perfect fit. Takes a little getting used to, but if you re-learn to run on the balls of your feet, they are great!
bintal@worldonline.nl    2013-04-30
I m one of those sweaty feet folks that love to do yoga but have trouble not sliding all over the place. These solved that problem! I m don t plan to use these for running so can t really say much of anything about that. I tried on two sizes and was hesitant to buy the smaller size but I m glad I did because I think the bigger ones would have stretched out too much.
edaudelin@netzero.net    2013-03-14
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